Shirui Lily Festival

Places to visit

SL Places to Visit
1 Khayang Peak :
Khayang peak, 3114 m from the sea level is the highest peak of the region.
2 Shirui Kashong Peak :
The more popularly know peak is the Shirui Kashong Peak - 2835 m from the sea level. Most of the major rivers originate from the crevices and slopes of this Shirui Peak. Shirui is 18 kms from Ukhrul and 97 kms. from Imphal.It is the home of world famous Shirui Lily (Lilium Mackliniae). The name Siroy Lily originates from a British Botanist named F,kingdom Ward who in 1948 discovered the uniqueness of the lily flower. The local name of the is KashongTimrawon. According to local legends the KashongTimrawon is also a protective spirit which resides on the now called Shirui Peak. Every year hundreds of Scientists and Tourists all over the World come to see this precious flower. The ordinary looking Siroi lily blossoms on the hilltop, during May - June.
3 Khangkhui Mangsor (cave) :
It is located about 15 km east of Ukhrul. Since the cave is located within the area of Kangkhui village. It is generally known as Kangkhui cave(Mangsor). It comprises of two large chambers and five tunnels.The Khangkhui mangsor (cave) is one of the wonders of nature. Many legends and folklores are associated with Mangsor Cave tells of the deity of Mangsor as a very powerful spirit who is benevolent and romantic .He had two wives. The first wife hailed from Shirui peak and had no issue and the second wife was from Koubru hills of Senapati District. One chamber each was allotted to both the wives, the better and bigger one to the first wife and lesser but more rooms to the second wife, implying that she had issues. Khangkhui Cave is a remarkable natural lime- stone cave. The big hall in the cave is the darbar hall of the Devil King living deep inside while the northern hall is the royal bedroom, according to another local folklore. During World War II, the villagers sought shelter in this cave.
4 Kachouphung Lake :
It is located about 7 km south east of Khayang Fall. The Lake is situated in a hill slope or Achuwa Magi Hills surrounded by a number of knolls. The lake is about 9 acre in size. A good amount of common carp and local colourful fishes exist here and it has ample scope for pisciculture. The shape of the lake resembles India map. The size of the lake becomes much bigger during rainy season. The size of the lake can still be increased by bringing water from Nily river which is flowing nearby.
5 Ango Ching :
It is about 150 sq. kms. bounded by Sanalok (Chamu) River in the west, Myanmar in the East, Kachouphung in North and chatric in the South about 90 kms. east of Ukhrul. The area is mostly inaccessible with a difficult terrain and has therefore remained untouched as virgin forest and form a natural habitat for a large number of rare and indigenous flora and fauna. Elephants, tigers, Sambers, deers, barking deers, wild buffalo/wild bison (gaur) hook lock, black bear, leopard, wild cat, horn bills, peacock tragopan are found here. It may be emphasised that adequate protection, measures and scientific management are necessary for the survival and conservation of this rich biological diversity.
6 Hundung Mangva Cave
7 Dilily Water Fall near Khayang Phungtha
8 Azoa Jenephiu Magi Lake near Kachouphung
9 Cold Water Fishery Project near zero point Phangrei, Shirui
10 Saline Springs at Razai Kl. And Kn., Marem,Marangphung
11 Kalhang,Luireishimphung
12 Longpi Pottery at Longpi
13 Chingjui Matza
14 Phangrei Picnic Spot
15 Nillai Tea Estate on the way to Tolloi
16 MATA Industrial Complex, Lungpha

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